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The Reason for it being here

This page is to contain any miscellaneous thing that I want to broadcast on the web for one reason or another. In some cases I might think its useful, in others amusing or it might just be a bit of personal data exchange between me and a 'net friend or three...

Much of it is really links to other pages with only minimal information. Expect it to change sporadically and fairly eclectically!

Computing Stuff

Download a specialised midi player here

My computing interests are many and varied - its what I do for a living after all! Here is a page of miscellany including articles, links to nice sites, code ideas, anecdotes and my personal opinions, for whatever they are worth.

Books and Music

I like books. I buy a lot of them and read most of those. I like "nice" books - hard bound in leather with good paper. I also like interesting books - whether a good novel or a factual account or a technical 'HowTo' kind of book. I like most books produced by O'Reilly press!

I like several authors including John Steinbeck, Freddie Forsyth and Dorothy Dunnett. I used to read Leslie Charteris (the Saint), Ian Fleming (James Bond) and Louis L'Amour (westerns) and have fair collections of each but I haven't looked near any of them for ages.

Musically I major on acoustic stuff - light classic, chamber music, trad jazz, Celtic folk and old style country (pre Garth Brooks!)

I go to 2 or 3 concerts a year, mainly folk and play several instruments extremely badly - no patience I'm afraid...

I'm also extremely interested in HiFi and have had many pieces of kit over the years. You can read about it here

Other stuff

And that's enough to be going on with