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Conditions of use

The Kingdom Melodies Juke Box program is designed and written by Alan J. Gauld.

You may freely distribute it provided the following files are included in the distribution:

Distribution of the program for profit is an infringement of this agreement.


KMJB.ZIP : 291Kb plain zip file

KMJB.EXE : 307Kb self extracting zip

Unzip into a folder, then run install.exe.


The program was conceived by Lance Hunt in Australia as a means of playing MIDI files which he was distributing via the WWW. He wanted a free program which could be downloaded with the files. I was learning to program in Borland's Delphi programming environment at the time and the project thus solved two problems - it gave me the opportunity to learn about some new features of Windows programming and specifically how to do them in Delphi, and it gave Lance a free MIDI player that he could distribute.

We hope that you enjoy it. You can get the songs from Lance's website at:

Possible problems

The main problems encountered so far are

1. The songs don't show in the Song list.

This should be fixed by selecting the File|Properties menu item and entering the full path of the folder containing your MIDI files. Click Apply then Save and Close .

The songs should now appear in the Song List.

2. There have been reports of the Help contents file not opening properly ( a very small window).

The author is unable to replicate this and can only suggest resizing it with the mouse as a workaround in the meantime - sorry!

3. The title information does not show up in the hints if the xref.rtf file is not in the expected place or does not contain the song/title combinations. Note that the xref.rtf file for KMJB v3 contained more information and was nicer to look at than the v4 one. But it will NOT work with V4.x, sorry, I but had to simplify it to extract the titles reliably.

4. If after installing v4, your preferences have been lost or altered, then I'm sorry. You'll need to reset them using File|Properties.

5. V3 playlists are not entirely compatible with v4. They should work OK but if you find problems its easiest just to recreate them. Again sorry!