Lairig Ghru

We had set off from Glasgow at 6:00am on New Years day - the roads were quiet we reasoned... After a long lunch we arrived at Coylumbridge no earlier than if we'd set off at a civilised hour!

After the usual delay we made our way up to the Lairig Ghru to stay the night in the Sinclair hut (now alas demolished). This shot was taken below Lurchers crag as the sun set. It was to be one of the coldest weekends in recorded history(-25C) but we did manage to get to the top of Braeriach and on to the Corrour bothy. The return trip through the Lairig was made in one of the worst white-outs I've experienced and it took us 6 hours to travel 6 miles through thigh deep snow.

Distance covered: 38 miles
Height gained: 4500 feet
Time taken: 24 hours over 4 days.

Lurcher's Crag at the entrance to the Lairig Ghru is one of the most spectacular sights in the Cairngorms. It has a real feel of being a gateway between North and South