Ben Klibreck

I climbed Ben Klibreck as part of a weeks holiday climbing all the Munros North of the Inverness Ullapool road. As it turned out the weather was incredibly hot and I only succeeeded in doing Ben Hope, Klibreck, Canisp and Ben More Assynt. But under the circumstances it seemed churlish to complain!

Klibreck is a fairly undistinguished hill with a surprisingly complex topography. It can best be likened to the waves on a beach, as each succeeding barrier rises higher but less steeply that the one preceding it.

Distance covered: 6 miles
Height gained: 2500 feet
Time taken: 4 hours

Ben Klibreck lies in the heartland of Sutherland. it offers spectactular views down Strathnaver and unlike most of the surrounding country the ground is quite grassy and firm underfoot.