Corsica was another Ramblers Holiday, this time in the company of my wife. The island itself is an outccrop of the Alps with mountains climbing to around 9,000 feet. The expeditions that we engaged in were of a less ambitious nature.

The general trend was to alternate between highlevel and lowlevel walks. The latter usually finished on a beach allowing the keen to enjoy a swim, although the Mediterranean Sea in October is cool to put it mildly!

While Corsica offered some interesting walking there were few truly memorable walks, but a couple stand out:

The high ridge from ??? down to the sea was a long walk but almost continuously downhill so not too strenuous. At the end we spent an hour cavorting in the waves which seemed to be unusually high for the Med.

The other significant walk was a warm sunny ascent of ???. During this walk we had superb views, some interesting scrambling and the only real mountain experience of the trip. If anything it stimulated my desire to return someday and climb the high mountains of Corsica rather than simply rambling around in the foothills. This walk also found us returning via the narrow road through the spectacular rocks known as ???

One interesting sidetrip was the trip to the old town of Cortes where an old fort and ancient building provided a quaint rural feeling despite this being a busy university town. The narrow guage railway to reach it was fun too!

The other memories of Corsica include tasting wild figs and picking grapes fresh from the vine. Some nice cheeses were consumed too and my first taste of calamari(squid).