Glen Affric

We had walked in from the Cluanie Inn at the top of Glen Shiel with a view to doing Mam Sodhail but for some reason turned left instead or right at the ridge. The curving ridge that you see in the picture was just too tempting compared to the squat roundness of Mam Sodhail. It was bitterly cold as we made our way along the ridge, despite the sun and the snow was brick hard. The views stretched far and wide and it was only after wondering back and forwards over the switchback of ridges comprising Sgurr Nan Ceathreamhnan's tops that we eventually dropped down to Glen Affric youth hostel for the night.

Distance covered: 12 miles( to/from the hostel)
Height gained: 5000 feet
Time taken: 12 hours (lots of sightseeing!)

Glen Affric has been called the most beautiful Glen in Scotland. I might not go that far, but without a doubt it has some very fine mountains, including the highest North of the Great Glen. It also has one of the very remotest youth hostels in Scotland with no road anywhere near it.