>>> print( "Hello world!" ) 
Hello world!    

Learn to Program with my easy tutorial. It uses Python v3 along with VBScript and JavaScript, although Python takes centre stage.

The tutor has been around for 20 years and, in that time, several kind folks have translated it into different languages. Currently available are:

Note: These are at different stages of development and reflect the tutor as it was at the time of translation. However, I hope they prove useful even if a little out of date.

The source code for my book

The code from my book "Programming curses in Python" is available as a zip file here. It is freely available under a Creative Commons license.


New curses propgramming book availale

I've just published a new book in both Kindle and paper forms. The title is "Programming curses in Python" and is available now on Amazon.

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Loch Lochy sunset There I maintain a semi-regular photo blog which shows something of where I've been lately, whether photographically or geographically.

I am a semi retired IT professional with a lifelong interest in photography (and painting). I am the author of several books on the themes of computer programming and walking. I have also produced a comprehensive introduction to programming, targeting experienced computer users with no previous programming experience.

In addition to the main material highlighted above I have also put together various articles and opinion pieces on related themes. These include: